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TS 16949:2009 CERTIFIED

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Did You Know?
Pierce Nuts are also known as
"self-piercing" fasteners.
To make them self piercing, pierce nuts require an installation system which consists of an installation head and die button.
The system works much like a stapler: load the staples in the head, close, apply pressure to the head and the staple pierces the paper, contacts the anvil (die button) and clinches in place.
The pierce nut performs in much the same manner but for applications in sheet metal.

Our experienced personnel operates our advanced high-speed equipment which has been specifically built or modified for the manufacturing of pierce nuts. The finished nuts are then inspected by our own vision system to ensure the highest quality and output.

What does all this mean to you? You get a high quality and competitively priced product delivered in a timely
manner. This is just part of our Total Customer Satisfaction!

We also manufacturer a multitude of different fasteners, small assemblies and hanger brackets. Contact us to find out how we can help service your needs.

Pierce Nuts

View our standard body styles
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S 311
S 281
R 235
R 205
Q 217
T 213
T 252

Thread Class Information:
1. Standard Thread Class, 6H: Metric, 2B: Inch
(Custom thread classes available upon request)
2. Property Class 8 or 9
3. Parts can also be un-tapped for self tapping applications

Nuts can be finished to customer specifications

1. Wired

A) S311 Body is shipped with 2,500 nuts per spool
B) S281 Body is shipped with 2,700 nuts per spool
C) R235 Body is shipped with 4,000 nuts per spool
D) R205 Body is shipped with 5,000 nuts per spool

2. Loose
A) Standard cardboard boxes
B) Customer returnable boxes